Abstract: With increasing number of recent advancement in multimedia technologies, the distribution of multimedia contents have increased to a greater extend. Protection of ownership is required in the distribution of multimedia contents due to enormous increase in duplication and redistribution of contents. Encryption and decryption of contents also becomes cumbersome due to the usage of large amount of data and communication bandwidth to transfer data. In order to control unauthorized redistribution we generate binary key for multimedia contents. This enables us to trace the illegal users by using traitor tracing protocol. Merchant will create number of seed buyers who needs to distribute the content to the child buyers. Each seed buyer will be provided with his/her own binary key. On distribution of multimedia contents to the child buyers the binary key of different seed buyers are automatically recombined and the database is maintained. In case of any illegal distribution, merchant will block the illegal user and will not respond to the particular user.

Keywords: Anonymous Binary Key (Fingerprinting), RSA, HMAC, FFMP, Transaction Monitor, Traitor Tracing Protocol.