Abstract: Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is the today’s most active area in information retrieval and image processing. An image contain various visual information that is difficult to extract manually, the CBIR system aims at finding the most appropriate image from image database by matching the various visual contents of image. In this paper, several methods for image retrieval using the CBIR system are described that take consideration of image features like color, shape and texture to find efficient results. In modern internet based life, there is large development of social networking medium; the digital image uploading rate is very high. So, to access this large collection of image data new and fast techniques are needed. These techniques will ease the database handling as well as it will help user to adequately search the required resulting image. This research is very useful to solve many real world problems.

Keywords: Content Based Visual Information Retrieval System, Query By Image Content, MARS or Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval System, Visual Information Processing for Enhanced Retrieval.