Abstract: Technological development has resulted in a boundary free digital world. This development has resulted in transaction through virtual money instead of real. One of the most popular forms of online trading is E-ticketing. Android Phones can reduce the trouble of the customers to stand in queue and book the tickets. With the advent of the smart cards the overhead of waiting for ticket was reduced but the user should always remember to carry the card with him. Moreover one has to pay attention that it is not misplaced or stolen. After that came E-Ticketing where passengers have to carry a SMS or a printout of the ticket booked online. But that required laptops or desktop for booking. Currently there is a mobile ticketing system provided by the Indian Railways implemented in Chennai and Mumbai. The proposed system aims to eliminate drawbacks of the currently implemented mobile ticketing. Thus came into front the use of smart phone application where carrying a smart phone will do all the work. This proposed system aims to provide tickets without Internet and GPS which mainly makes the current implementation of the mobile ticketing less popular. The ticket can be bought easily and ticket will be present in the customerís phone in the digital data. The Ticket Checker will scan the QR code for checking the integrity of the ticket.

Keywords: CVMs, ATVMs, M-ticketing by UTSonmobile application by CRIS.