Abstract: Authors propose an anonymous authentication for secure data storage in clouds for different departmental activities of an institute. In this scheme, the cloud verifies the authenticity of the user without knowing the users identity before storing data, also has the feature of access control in which only valid users are able to decrypt the stored information. Along with access control user revocation is also done that is existing user can be removed and cannot further access the data stored in cloud. The cloud storage is distributed. The cloud storage can distributed according to the requirement of the organization. System is very useful for sending messages anonymously. But only authorized user can do so i.e. anonymous but valid user only can send messages. This makes cloud computing a more secure approach. The scheme also gives the feature of text filtration which eliminates the meaningless words to optimize cloud storage. Moreover, our scheme gives the feedback policy needed for the performance improvement with different parameters anonymously. The main focus is on anonymous authentication so that one can give valid feedback, complains without revealing once identity. Authors aim to promote paperless work by means of e-notices. This approach can prove helpful for government and non-government organizations.

Keywords: Access Control, Authentication, Attribute-Based Signatures, Attribute Based Encryption, Cloud Storage, Text Filtering.