Abstract: A mobile phone to send and receive text message, with wide coverage area, high reliability, high popularity, easy development, low expenditure and other characteristics using Short message service (SMS) technology. Using GSM module or network platform of short message, messages can be sent and received between the computer and the mobile terminal. This paper has realized and designed a set of remote SIM cardís Address Book access system based on SMS communication. The remote mobile phone data access system can also be programmed to send specific SMS to predetermined number if any event .If your mobile phone is not available at the moment and you need to call a person urgently whose contact number is not available at that instant. To get that specific contact you have to go through very tedious process of calling home or where youíre mobile are left and get that contact number etc. The proposed remote mobile phone data access system project helps to simplify this problem. You have to send an SMS to your own mobile get contact with the contact name and automatically that contact will be returned to the same number.

Keywords: Short Message Service (SMS); General Packet Radio Service (GPRS); Global Positioning Service (GPS); Multimedia Message Service (MMS); Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM); Remote control; Text message;