Abstract: The objective of this paper is to present a Real Time Patient Monitoring System using LabVIEW, which enables continuous monitoring of a patient and helps the doctors to make better diagnosis. The system acquires, analyses and processes certain physiological parameters of a patient such as body temperature, Electrocardiogram and pulse rate. NI LabVIEW is used to take the current body temperature from the temperature sensor and ECG signals and heart rate from the ECG sensor attached to the DAQ (Data Acquisition – NI USB 6211) Signal Accessory. An alert file can also be created when any parameter exceeds the limit beyond a set point and can transfer the alert in the form of messages via Bluetooth. It can be used to perform routine tests as well for continuous monitoring of a hospitalized patient. LabVIEW is a user friendly platform which supports GUI interface for experiments and analysis of various physiological parameters which is essential for the patient’s wellness. Electronic records can be made which is useful for future references.

Keywords: Bluetooth, Data Acquisition, ECG, LabVIEW, Pulse Rate.