Abstract: Accreditation of educational Institutions/programs is a global practice and which is to be known by various developing and developed countries for one or more purposes. Accreditation can be in general summarized as a process, based on professional judgment, for evaluating whether or not an educational Institution meets predefined specified standards of educational quality. In the existing result analysis system, the entire related job with the result analysis has to be done manually. For calculating the pass percentage or to extract the subject wise marks lots of paper work has to be done. It is quite a tedious work and requires lot of hard work. It can even incur errors which will ruin the complete work. Analysis and understanding of the result as well as comparison with the previous years is a difficult. We proposed an application for generation of a result analysis report which will be in format such that the parameters consider while NBA accreditation are satisfied. It will overcome all the drawbacks of the existing system. It will help save a lot of time and effort, as everything will be done in a computerized way, it will be less prone to error. For better understanding and comparisons year wise result, Graphical representations will also be included. This report of result analysis will clearly reflect about the quality of the methods and efforts taken by the institution for betterment of studentsí performance.

Keywords: CGPA, NBA, Accreditation, Graphical representations, Analysis, Successive, Completely computerized.