Abstract: During day time numerous approaches have been implemented on vehicle recognition .It is very much easier to recognize vehicles during day time compared to night time .We can capture photo of every part of vehicle during day. But the appearance of vehicles during night time is strikingly different when compared to its daylight counterpart as several attributes come into picture such as surrounding light, color of vehicles, reflection of lights on the body of vehicles, etc. It becomes difficult to recognize or take a picture of every parts of vehicle. When driving in dark conditions, we cannot see the whole body of the vehicle present in front of us due to lack of light conditions, we are only able to see their tail lights and brake lights. So it becomes very much difficult to understand whether it is bus, car or other vehicle present in front. In this paper we try to show a vehicle recognition system which will be able to recognize vehicle at night time environment by locating and segmenting tail light.

Keywords: vehicle recognition, reflection of light, tail light, brake lights, recognition system.