Abstract: In this paper we presents a visual system for monitoring children entering and leaving the school bus. It enhances the safety of children during their daily transportation in school bus. The system contains two parts, entry monitoring and exit monitoring. The basic idea is to detect each child using real time face detection algorithms and subsequently utilize face recognition algorithms to determine the actual identification of children when they enter into and leaves the bus. Hence the system identifies the child who fail to get down from the bus. This information will be communicated to his/her parents by issuing an alert message. The system is mainly useful in situation where air conditioned buses are used, that when the bus comes to a halt the temperature inside the bus will rise and when small children forget to get down from the bus it may lead to death. A complete prototype of the proposed system was implemented and tested to validate the system functionality. The results show that the system is promising for daily transportation safety.

Keywords: Face detection, Face Recognition, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), AT commands.