Abstract: MANET (mobile ad hoc network) is a wireless, infrastructure-less mobile network. Every device in a MANET can move omnidirectional. Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) uses anonymous routing protocol for security purpose. ALERT protocol hides nodes original identity from an intruder, so that the observer cannot threaten the security of the network. There are few prevailing anonymous routing protocol available for MANET. The protocols such as ASR, AO2P, ALARM provides node anonymity, but these protocols do not provide route anonymity. ALERT protocol dynamically divides the partition into zones. Every zone has nodes which act as intermediate nodes. The nodes get randomly selected for routing so that the observer cannot identify the route. ALERT provides source, destination and route anonymity using pseudonym which changes frequently. ALERT also has a strategy against timing attacks, Blackhole attacks.

Keywords: Mobile Ad-Hoc Network, Anonymity, Timing attack, Black hole attack etc.