Abstract: Face recognition is an integral part of biometrics. In biometrics basic traits of human is matched to the existing data and depending on result of matching identification of a human being is traced. Facial features are extracted and implemented through algorithms which are efficient and some modifications are done to improve the existing algorithm models. A face recognition system using the SIFT (Scale invariant feature transformation) algorithm was implemented. The algorithm is based on Image features approach which represents a SIFT method in which a small set of significant features are used to describe the variation between face images. Experimental results for different numbers of faces are shown to verify the viability of the proposed method. In this project an approach to the detection and identification of human faces is presented and then recognizes the person by comparing characteristics of the face to those of known individuals is described. And we introduced a new approach that give report by SMS to parents or authorized person using GSM modem.

Keywords: Face Recognition; SIFT; Local Feature Point; Real-time; Mobile Device.