Abstract: Behavioural modelling is used in every aspect of human life, system design, testing, verification in all domains. The behavioural modelling can be created with respect to time and change of the object. In this paper we are going to analyse the behaviour of the object with respect to time and its behavioural change. Also the analysis will be based on object tracking method. We examine this analysis for to study the animal behaviour. The purpose of the system is also to observe the micro movements of the objects. We also have done the detection of the live object and the tracking of live object. Also the live video has been captured. It allows the recording of activity, events, behavioural interactions and performs the calculations of wide range of analysis parameters. Some parameters are provided like eating food, drinking water, resting and based on these parameters the behaviour of the object will be recorded respect to time and change.

Keywords: Behavioural Modelling, Object Tracking, Video Analysis, Computer Modelling.