Abstract: A GIS is typically consists of Software, hardware, data and users. Today, a vast majority of Internet users uses Web GIS technology, Some example are finding residency and address in an unknown city or even if you lost you can detect your location using your phone GPS and easily find your path. For Creating a Web-GIS application the first and important step is to create GIS data. Second one is to store the created data. In order to store GIS data for web there are many Data Management System (DBMS) that support spatial data. There are many GIS software application to generate, store, manipulate and update GIS data. After storing GIS data on the database publishing map and the data from database is third step. To do this thing, we have much application which allows us to share, edit and process geospatial data. Web GIS is capable to become efficient tool to be used in supporting the process of such as data sharing, decision making, manipulation of data information and map. Therefore by interaction and interoperability of user interface application, database application and server application enable us to create our own Web-GIS application.

Keywords: Web-GIS, Data Server, Web Server, Web Map Server.