Abstract: Security is a major crisis which is faced by everyone in the world. Due to increase in data theft and data hacking it is very essential to build a security system to protect the data which result in the usage of passwords and keys. This method involves the user to memorize the password and key which can be easily lost by the user or broken by the hacker which leads to the development of a better security system. Biometric features have the variety of advantages compared to other features. Biometric features are unique and cannot be misused by others .The most commonly used biometric features face, palm, retina and fingerprint. Among which fingerprint is the oldest method of recognition with high accuracy .This paper focus on using the fingerprint biometric feature for developing the security system with fuzzy vault. Double encryption and chaos encryption are used for encryption process. Also, the experimental result shows that better security is achieved with fuzzy vault.

Keywords: fuzzy vault scheme, Chaos encryption, Double encryption, finger print image.