Abstract: Data Mining techniques is one of the major research domain and in the recent past it is useful in extracting the implicit and very helpful/handy information to increase the knowledge of the human beings, as it increases the knowledge base of the system to some certain levels about the particular database system and its subsets which further increases the chances of the new inventions as the data analyser analyses the extracted information. Artificial Intelligence is one of the invented techniques by the studied of the data mining techniques. Data Mining extracts the implicit information from the database which analysed manually using statistical techniques of the mathematics. Due to the technology advancement, semi-automated data mining came into existence but it was not enough to support as the storage led to the analysis demands which leads to the failure of the semi-automated data mining. After sometimes, fully automated data mining were developed which supports the analysis demands by the users on the large storage of the data. In this paper, data mining and pattern recognition techniques/methods are shown here to search the lost living beings and non-living beings and also exploits the unseen and untold facts about the earth. The use of the GIS/RS technologies are used to show the definite and exact locations of the objects found in the unknown and non-visited areas.

Keywords: Data mining, Pattern Recognition Techniques, Decision Trees, GIS, RS imagery, knowledge base system, LIDAR.