Abstract: Detect and separate localization text in Images aims towards an approach with respect different sizes, colors and background complexities. Digital image is to use caption text it provide important information about the image. Use preprocessing method for filtering the noise and sharpening the edges in the complex image. Preprocessing also perform RGB to GRAY conversion. Canny edge detector is used to detect a wide range of edges in images. Sobel edge detector is used to measure edges of the overall boundaries of the horizontal and vertical axis present in the grayscale image. Sobel edge detector used to measure overall boundaries of horizontal & vertical axis in gray scale image. Use localization in this method combined the horizontal& vertical projection method to localize text string present in gray scale images. All the pixels are characters like black as well as white. Use optical character reorganization it is a last & final method.

Keywords: Image segmentation, Optical character recognition, connected component analysis, Text Detection, Edge detection.