Abstract: In this project we proposed a new technology called LIFI (light fidelity). Li-Fi technology provides transmission of data through illumination by sending data through an LED light bulb that varies in intensity faster than the human eye can follow. This paper focuses on developing a Li-Fi based system and analyzes its performance with respect to existing technology. Wi-Fi is great for general wireless coverage within buildings, whereas Li-Fi is ideal for high density wireless data coverage in confined area and for relieving radio interference issues. Li-Fi provides better bandwidth, efficiency, availability and security than Wi-Fi and has already achieved blisteringly high speed in the lab. And in this project an RFID card is used and using this RFID card only a passage can enter into the bus. By using GSM message is send to the personís relative. And by using GPS, if a bus starts from a particular stop the next stop will be identified before the bus arrives that stop. This can be done by LED.

Keywords: GPS, GSM, Tracking System.