Abstract: Software metrics are developed for the purpose of evaluating the software in all stages of the development process to ensure the inhabitant of quality in all phases. Though the evolution of software programming has been developing over the years, the categorization of software metrics are centered only on procedure oriented software programming and object oriented software programming. In object oriented modular programming, coupling refers to a justifying factor for measuring the quality of program code. As for the code concern, a module with low coupling and high cohesion is an ideal objective of the programmers. The analysis over the classification of types of coupling in object oriented programming is still diminutive and has been an active research in software metrics. The objective of this paper is to propose a coupling metric that could possibly identify the subclass coupling one of the types of coupling, that exist in the software modules there by highlighting the modules that can be focused for further improvement.

Keywords: software metrics, cohesion, coupling, coupling factor, weyuker’s properties.