Abstract: Medical imaging has emerged as a new field of research in image processing which consist of image enhancement, visualization, and edge detection. The main objective is to improve medical diagnosis so that we can obtain an image-based information, which focuses on detection of pathological deformations specially for x-ray images. Medical images consist of object edges and noise, hence it is difficult to distinguish the exact edge from noise. Edge detection technique acts as a fundamental tool in feature extraction and feature detection. Edges are nothing but are changes of intensity in an image. Sobel operator, a popular operator used for edge detection algorithms is considered in this work. Sobel operator uses a derivative approximation for finding out edges and uses 2-D spatial gradient measurement for images with vertical and horizontal gradient matrices. Labview is a graphical programming language and is used for interactive applications, hardware integration and real time processing. The proposed work has been done using Labview 14.0.

Keywords: Edge detection, Sobel operator, LabVIEW 14.0.