Abstract: Advances in the field of 3D graphics and the increase in computing power, the real-time visual rendering of a virtual world is possible in real world. Virtual reality provides new techniques of visualization, composing on the strengths of visual representations. In some instances, virtual reality can provide more accurately the detailing of some features, processes, and so forth than by other means, which allows it to perform extreme close-up examination of an object, observation from a great distance, and examination of areas and events unavailable by other means. Virtual reality exposure therapy is highly used in order to treat PTSD with a success rate of over 70%. Building further on this, we would be providing environments for phobias as varied as acrophobia, phasmophobia, nyctophobia. These environments would be developed on an android device and using a virtual reality headset based on Google cardboard we would carry out the virtual reality simulation. The three chosen phobias are the most widely recognized phobias whereas an android device is used since it has the largest user base in the world. The main aim of our application is to provide Virtual reality therapy apparatus at cheap and affordable rates without compensating on the quality to various therapists in order to expedite the treatment of patients.

Keywords: Virtual reality, Acrophobia, Phasmophobia, Nyctophobia, Affordable, Therapy.