Abstract: The Semantic web search is the structured and meaningful search where the keywords with context meaning and relations are taken as important features. The service of web which provides an easier path to find, reuse, share and combines information a user is in need. Semantic Web is the new generation Web which makes possible to express information in precise, machine-interpretable form. It enables intelligent services such as information brokers, search agents and information filters, and also offers greater functionality and interoperability. Semantic Web promotes Web based applications with both semantic and syntactic interoperability. The users search the web by querying method. The words used as query gain importance to find a relevant information. This paper is focused on an ontological approach where the meaning of the words and semantic relations are given importance. The web ontological tool protégé 4.1 is used to find the semantic relation of the web query. Finally the similarity of the ontological keyword with the document is analyzed with keyword weight and relevance based approach.

Keywords: Semantic Web, Ontology, Protégé, Similarity Measure.