Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) can be incorporated clearly and seamlessly in a large number of heterogeneous end systems, by providing access to data for large number of digital services. The main focus here is on urban IoT system and smart home control system which supports the Smart Eco System vision, using the most advanced technologies as 5G, Artificial Intelligence via pervasive computing ,Cloud of things(CoT) and Internet of things. The IOT supports “Ubiquity” where devices connected anywhere, anytime, with anything and anyone. The word “smart” Smart city means using sensitive information and Communication Technology(ICT). The real-time human behaviors and activities and can be determined by personal devices as smart phones ,Wearable computing devices, smart home and smart city called as Human Dynamics. The capability of the Big Data and Smart Cities will increase quantitative and qualitative perceptive towards the human behaviors. A Non Parametric Bayesian model can be used to open up themes and scaling up in metropolitan living. This Survey is a combination of Smart home control system, Smart city , determining Human Dynamics, Data privacy and Security leading to a Smart Eco system.

Keywords: Internet of Things(IoT), Big Data, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud of Things(CoT) ,Smart Grid and Smart Health.