Abstract: Our project deals with agriculture. It consists of microprocessor, simulator with e-agriculture that may come to the farmers interest and used to control the natural source. Therefore, this problem has captured farmerís interest to implement agro-environmental remote monitoring method in their agriculture industries. . Our main aim is to directly interact with the farmers and to make their work easy. This is done by intimating the farmers using mobile phones about soil moisture, temperature, pH level, weather condition and also about the motor level condition. We will send an alert message to farmers both as text and voice message so that they can maintain their land properly. Using this method, the farmer may feel easy and comfortable to work on his land without any stress. Using GSM, the farmer will be able to monitor whenever he is unavailable to maintain his land. The farmers can access their land from anywhere. He will be asked to monitor using GSM so that it will avoid placing the substitute for his land. He can also monitor his crop by control over his mobile phones.

Keywords: sensors, GSM, UART, Motors, ADC, Microcontroller, LCD, Relay.