Abstract: Cloud computing has become an emerging standard that brings about various technologies and computing ideas for internet. Massive storage centre are provided by the cloud which can be access easily from any corner of the world and at any time. Problems faced in modern communications are not only just related to security but also concerned with the communication speed and content size, Nowdays network demand exchange of information with more security and reduction in both the data storage and the time for data transmission.The on-demand service provision with utilization of fewer resources of client system benefits the client.This can be realised by adopting an integerated approach using Merkle Hash Tree and RSA algorithm. The proposed storage security scheme also assures data integrity and recovery of data in case of data lose or corruption by providing a recovery system .Thus, the proposed scheme aims at keeping the user data restore.The system reduces the server computation when compared with previous system.

Keywords: Cryptography, Public Key Cryptography, Rivest Shamir Adlemen (RSA), Merkle Hash Tree, Cloud computing, Third Party Auditor.