Abstract: The power production in now-a-days is mainly based on Non-Renewable energy sources. Due to that the fossil resources are reduces day by day. In order to prevent that we should use Renewable energy sources to produce electricity. Power electronics is a field which improves the usage of renewable energy sources. The introductions invent in the field is mainly based on increasing efficiency and reducing the power loss. This converter is a combination of DC boost converter and s single phase voltage source inverter (VSI) in order to provide boosted AC voltage at the output side of the converter along with boosted DC supply. The production of power to supply home appliances is the ultimate aim of this converter. Such applications are glowing of LEDís along with fan etc.. Here the voltage given to the converter is only 48V. But the output by this converter is very high when compared to the input (i.e.) 192V DC voltage and 192Vrms AC voltage .This is verified by using the simulation done on MATLAB 2013.

Keywords: Boost converter, VSI, AC and DC voltage.