Abstract: DICOM images are complex objects, due to the nature of storing clinical data and patient images in a single file. The data sector stores roughly around 2000 tags which comprises of clinical, technical, etc. The Image sector stores multiple images as slices for a particular study. The data and images bind into a single file. Itís essential to bind data and image to identify patient records. This makes DICOM images a complex object to store, retrieve and process. Thus we need multiple advanced technologies to solve complex problems in DICOM. By applying multiple Data mining Techniques, information retrieval complexity in DICOM meta data is simplified. Distributed storage is essential for quality data mining. This paper investigates mainly on the data mining techniques used in DICOM (Medical Imaging) which are stored in distributed storage. Data mining on DICOM enables quick retrieval.

Keywords: DICOM, Data mining, Distributed storage, Clustering.