Abstract: A Mobile Agent (MA) is a computer program that takes action autonomously on behalf of a user and moves in the heterogeneous communication environment. Once MA is initiated, its inventor has no control over it and has no information about its location. The location of MA must be traced to communicate with MAs and a suitable communication mechanism must be used. Lots of research has been done in the literature but these are not enough to get the actual location of MA efficiently and accurately. This paper models the novel region based Hierarchical Location Management Scheme (HLMS) for Mobile Multi Agent Environment that has been already proposed by authors in previous works. A mailbox based communication mechanism has also been proposed among the MAs. MA carries this mailbox with it or may leave it on some place. Any MA wants to communicate with other will drop the message to the mailbox. MA then gets the message by using pull or push approach. This paper identifies the variety of components of HLMS and models it using Color Petri Net (CPN) tool. After building the model, various tools provided by CPN such as monitoring, state space and user controlled simulation have been used to check the correctness of the modelled system. The different features of CPN tool like monitor, Mark-up Language are then used to collect the data to check the performance of the HLMS against various parameters such as Migration Probability (intraregional or interregional), Search probability, Trip Time etc .

Keywords: Hierarchical Location Management Scheme (HLMS), Location Management System (LMS), Color Petri Net (CPN) tool.