Abstract: Blood cell count plays very important role in medical diagnosis. Increment or decrement in the count of blood cell causes many diseases to occur in the human body. There are different techniques of blood cell counting which involves conventional as well as automatic techniques. The conventional method of manual counting under microscope is time consuming and yields inaccurate results[5]. A solution to this problem, to provide software-based cost effective and an efficient alternative in recognizing and analyzing blood cells, This paper presents the preliminary study of automatic blood cell counting based on digital image processing. The number of blood cell count that is RBC & WBC count is then may be use to diagnose the patient as well as detection of abnormalities. For this purpose, few pre- processing and post-processing techniques have been implemented on blood cells image in order to provide a much clearer and cleaner image.

Keywords: Automatic detection, Biomedical image processing, Blood cell analysis, Segmentation.