Abstract: This article presents RGSP (for "Rest Gather and Send Protocol") for remote sensor arranges, a system MAC cross layer outline that determines the intrinsic clash between vitality effectiveness and throughput. The convention utilizes as a part of its MAC layer another worldview that we call "rest, gather and send". The thought of RGSP is that a router dozes for a given measure of time, awakens and gathers information from its kids and different routers and afterward send them into a burst amid a timeframe that we call transmission period. In its network layer, the protocol used is LEACH and itís a hierarchical routing protocol. LEACH also increases the lifetime of the network. RGSP does not require synchronization in the middle of switches and progressively ascertains the rest and gather periods as indicated by the measure of approaching movement.

Keywords: RGSP, MAC, Cross-layer, LEACH, Lifetime.