Abstract: Cloud is the environment for elastic computing resources and provides reliable storage by maintaining the data in different datacentres. Main concern in the cloud is maintaining security by protecting the unauthorized access in the cloud environment. Authenticating the user access is the most important task in cloud. This paper proposes a novel framework, namely VEARAaaS, for authenticating the user for accessing the cloud services. This framework has different Authentication as a Service (AaaS) to protect the illegal users. The framework includes three major components such as Authenticator, Encryptor and Key generator. Authenticator is a cloud and it has two authentication mechanisms as a service to the cloud users. Encryptor is another cloud service for encrypting and decrypting the user credential in the cloud environment. Key Generator is also a cloud service which is used to generate for encryption and authentication service. The proposed framework protects the user by its functionality of verification. Hence, this framework provides better authentication system for the user to access their cloud service at anytime and anywhere.

Keywords: Cloud Computing; Security; Authenticator; Encryptor; Key Generator; Authentication Service.