Abstract: Cloud computing provide efficient storage to the user. The subcontracted records want to be encoded because the user want to kept their data without leakage and trust. The encrypted data must be kept confidential. To overcome the difficulties we specify, by considering the big range of subcontracted files (statistics) within the cloud, we make use of the relevance rating and k-nearest neighbor strategies to expand an efficient multi-keyword search scheme which could go back the ranked seek consequences primarily based on the accuracy. inside this framework, we leverage an efficient index to in addition improve the search efficiency, and undertake the blind storage machine to conceal get right of entry to sample of the request user. safety evaluation demonstrates that our scheme can achieve confidentiality of documents and index, wormhole privateness, wormhole unmanagebility, and concealing get right of entry to sample of the request consumer. eventually, using widespread simulations, we show that our suggestion can attain a good deal improved efficiency in phrases of seek functionality and search time as compared with the prevailing proposals.

Keywords: Cloud computing, searchable encryption, multi-keyword ranked search, access pattern.