Abstract: Highest state-of-the-art image steganographic approach focuses on concealing multiple secret images in a single 24-bit cover image using LSB substitution based image steganography. Steganography, the secret image is embedded in the cover image and transmitted in such a way that the existence of information is undetectable. Proposed paper a message in a cover without leaving a remarkable track on the original message. The digital images, sound files and other computer files can be used as carrier to embed the information using BSC (byte shifting calculation). In this paper, a modified secure and high capacity based steganography scheme of hiding a large-size secret image into a small-size cover image. Combining both domains gives a higher level of security in which even if the use of covert channel is revealed, the true information will not be Minimized distortion using RLBC (rotated Local Balance changes) algorithm. Each secret image is encrypted before hiding in the cover image. Results reveal that the proposed method successfully secures the high capacity data keeping the visual quality of transmitted image satisfactory.

Keywords: steganographic, BSC (byte shifting calculation), RLBC(rotated Local Balance changes), encrypted.