Abstract: The traditional approach there was a need to go to the voting booth & cast a vote. People from various locations who donít have their voting cards are not able to cast their votes. Also validation of the user was poor and not appropriate. There was a bundle of manual work in the traditional voting system which was very time consuming process. Therefore the new system is developed to eliminate the efforts needed in the existing voting process. The given new projected system has an application which is developed for android phone via which the user can cast his or her vote from anywhere on the face of the globe. The user can registers by giving his personal details and the image of his face which gets stored in the database presented at the central side. After the voting date is fixed the user gets pop up notifications on the his or her android phone via GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). After that the user open the application then the face authentication is done at server side using the OTP. If the user is valid user then OTP is send to the user's mail address. Using OTP user opens the voting form then he or she casts their vote and then click on submit button and then logout. On the server side we can check the results. The GCM broadcasts the results notification to the user's device. The SQLite is the local database of the user's device. If his internet connection is down then the notification and other details gets stored on his local server. When user starts his internet connection then stored message are retrieved from the GCM that is the local database of the android phone.

Keywords: Short SMS Service(SMS), Google Cloud Messaging(GCM), SQLite .