Abstract: This paper introduces the configuration and investigation of Neuro-Fuzzy controller taking into account Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) structural engineering for Load recurrence control of a segregated wind-smaller scale hydro-diesel half and half power framework, to manage the recurrence deviation and force deviations. Because of the sudden burden changes and discontinuous wind power, expansive recurrence vacillation issue can happen. This recently created control technique joins the upside of neural systems and fluffy deduction framework and has straightforward structure that is anything but difficult to actualize. In this way, so as to keep framework execution close to its ideal, it is alluring to track the working conditions and utilization overhauled parameters to control the framework. Recreations of the proposed ANFIS based Neuro Fuzzy controller in a separated wind-smaller scale hydro-diesel cross breed force framework with diverse burden unsettling influences are performed. a fluffy rationale (FL) controller were outlined independently to control the same half breed force framework for the execution examination. The execution of the proposed controller is confirmed from reenactments and correlations. Recreation results demonstrate that the execution of the proposed ANFIS based Neuro-Fuzzy Controller damps out the recurrence deviation and achieves the unfaltering state esteem with less settling time. The proposed ANFIS based Neuro-Fuzzy controller gives best control execution over an extensive variety of working conditions.

Keywords: fuzzy logic controller FLCs, fuzzy inference system (FIS), Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS), artificial neural network (ANN).