Abstract: Traditional keyword search mechanism which couldn't meet the needs of current expert knowledge base in searching based on semantic. Semantic search is most powerful and one of the main motivations of the semantic web. The system which focuses on scalability, semantic search, data retrieval performance and usability it uses specific domain information which extracts to improve the performance, providing match making to the users, and simultaneously rank search results. Semantic indexing approach is adapted to achieve the scalability. The performance of the semantic web approach was evaluated in comparison with the traditional system approach. This is the paper which focuses on ontology based indexing and retrieval system based on keyword semantics in the learning of Java content domain. Detailed evaluation is provided to observe the performance by query expansion and specific information extraction. It will be of great use for the developers and researchers who worked on web. But my area of work will be for the process of evaluation, where in the examination like paper correction system.

Keywords: Traditional Keyword Search Mechanism, Semantic Search, Semantic Indexing Approach.