Abstract: Placement and Training (PAT) cell is the bridge between students and companies visiting the campus for recruitment so all the data and activities of PAT cell are important. Our system aims at reducing human efforts and errors by automating important tasks of PAT cell such as displaying notices, maintaining information about students, student eligibility, company criteria, training sessions, interview schedule, preparation seminars, etc. To achieve this automation we have created an Android application and a web panel. The Android application has four modules such as Training and Placement Officer (TPO), Students details, Company details and Training sessions. Web panel has a simple interface to allow TPO to send bulk push notifications to all students who have installed the application. We have used Hypertext pre-processor (PHP) and My Structured Query Language (MYSQL) technology as back-end to create and access database on the cloud. TPO, Students and Human Resource (HR) department of recruiting company have different access privileges and unique login credentials for the application which are authenticated online for security purpose. Full adaptation of this system will result in efficient data management for PAT cell and improved selection ratio for students. Let there be n number of students, n number of streams, n number of recruiters the placement process will run smoothly. Being an Android application it is portable and acceptable by majority of users.

Keywords: automation, android, web panel, database on the cloud, online authentication.