Abstract: The cloud computing technology has developed during the past decade; in which data outsourced to cloud service for storage has become an attractive trend, which benefits in sparing efforts on heavy data maintenance and management. Also the security for the cloud is still a big task. However, the cloud storage of outsourced data cannot be trusted fully and security concerns are raised on how the data deduplication in cloud achieves integrity audit. In our work, we deal with the issue of secure integrity audit and data deduplication on cloud storage. Specifically, we aim at achieving both cloud data integrity and deduplication, while we propose two secure systems namely SecCloud and SecCloud+, also the process of sending and receiving in case of secure by means of same file content with same file name. SecCloud enables an auditing scheme with the application of a MapReduce cloud, where the clients are responsible to generate data tags before uploading data and audit the integrity which has been stored in cloud as well. Compared to the related works, the computation of integrity auditing of userís file in SecCloud is highly reduced. SecCloud+ ensures that the files are encrypted before uploading, which provides secure data integrity and encrypted data deduplication.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Deduplication, Integrity, SecCloud, MapReduce, Auditing.