Abstract: A social network is made up of a set of social actors (such as individuals or organizations) and a set of the process ties between these actors. Previous research mainly focused on modelling and tracking public sentiment (In case of Twitter). In this work, we move one step to interpret sentiment variations. Proposed work that tries to analyse and interpret the public sentiment variations in micro blogging services. We propose a sentimental data analysis model. To develop a application to analyse the sentimental data using sentimental data analysis. Sentimental data can be analysed used negative and positive words given in the statement. This system can be used for any type application to analysis the comment which is in the data set. To further enhance the readability of the mined reasons separated the sentence into various levels and the process can be included in the form of visualization so that the user not need to read entire comments which are commented. The proposed models can also be applied to other tasks such as finding topic differences between two sets of documents. All the result will be shown through charts and graphs. The partitions are classified in well methodology and in case of established functions.

Keywords: Interpreting Sentimental Analysis, Customer Commands, E-Commerce, Micro Blogging Services.