Abstract: With the rapid development of society, there are some side-effects including the increasing number of car accidents. On average one out of every three motor vehicle accidents results in some type of injury. There are many solutions proposed to avoid the problem. Many lives are lost due to improper post-accident signaling and tracing out the exact location. Our project provides solution for the above stated problem which involves intimating the nearby hospitals and relatives by giving the accident location of vehicle using GSM and GPS technologies. Heart of our project is the android app where we can use the existing internal hardware modules like GPS, GSM etc. to get/send the required information to the concerned persons. Our system as stated above consist of two units namely Crash Detector and Android Control Unit. Crash Detector is responsible for detecting the accident condition using three-axis accelerometer sensor and one false alarm switch details of which is mentioned in system architecture. Android Control Unit send the accident notification to the victimís android phone where an android app will get the GPS location of accident spot and get nearby hospitalís location around 5KM and send the notification in the form of SMS. We also send the intimation to their relatives as well hence avoiding any chance of mislead and/or no communication after the accident.

Keywords: Global Positioning System (GPS) System, Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), Smart Phone, Crash Detector, Android Control Unit, False Alarm.