Abstract: Syntactic parsing is a necessary task which is required for Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications including Part of Speech (POS) tagger. For the development and enrichment of languages, part of speech tagging plays a very crucial role. Part of speech tagging, especially for the regional Indian languages can give an international and world-wide approach. For a regional language like Assamese which is Assamís official language, part of speech tagging has become very much essential for the overall flourishment of the language. The linguistic experts have developed different types of POS tagging approaches like Rule based, Stochastic based, Neural Network based approaches, etc. Here in this paper our aim is to briefly overview the computational works that has been done till date by the linguists in the field of POS tagging of Assamese language.

Keywords: Syntatic Parsing, POS Tagging, Assamese, Stochastic.