Abstract: In our day today life we need to mastermind our work and also the hardware or devices which are required for certain operation. So also we need to clean our rooms, make them clean and perfectly masterminded in order to give an outfitted, alluring look to our rooms and houses. We organize our furniture in such a style, to the point that the room looks appealing and in addition we get a sufficient measure of space for agreeable development of the relatives and the visitors. Here we are going to propose a methodology which will improve increased perspective of our rooms, we will superimpose the 3-D objects or the furniture pictures in our room essentially. This will give us a reasonable thought of how the room will look like when the furniture is put truly.

Keywords: Procedural Modelling, Object Layout, Data-Driven Modelling, Augmented Reality, Interaction Techniques, Tangible User Interfaces, Multi modal Input.