Abstract: In the Present Scenario, all the software processes use web based application which enables multiple clients to request access to the same file simultaneously. This might lead to server overload or even trigger a deadlock occurrence. Keeping this in mind, the concept of dynamic proof through captcha or OTP has been introduced here with other features including the likes of Key Generation and Cryptography. There are three major actors namely Admin, Audit and Client each with respective roles. The Client performs registration; log-in activities and also the file upload operations. The Admin monitors and controls the user registration approval whereas the Audit analyses and approves the content of the file being uploaded. The data owners can provide file access to clients requesting it by means of transferring a key through mail. The clients can perform editing and updating processes in the respective file with the help of the key and await verification cum uploading of the file by the data owner. The maintenance and storage of these files in a cloud computing server and the usage of key generation and captcha helps reduce server overload and improve data security.

Keywords: File-Upload, Cloud Storage, Audit Verification, File Request, File Access Block, Recovery Stage.