Abstract: While working on normal database system, to retrieve data from database we have to know about the SQL Query language to retrieve exact data from the database. But everyone doesnít have exact knowledge about the SQL Query language. For retrieving data from the database they have to enter the correct SQL Query. But without having any knowledge about SQL Query, they are unable to retrieve the data of their choice. To overcome this, we are doing our project on SQL Query formation using Natural Language Processing (NLP). This project aims at developing a system which will accept English query from user and convert it into SQL. This helps novice user who can easily get required contents without knowing any complex details of SQL languages. We can store huge amount of data in databases, but casual users who donít have any technical background are not able to access the data. Hence, there was a requirement for personnel with knowledge of SQL to retrieve data from the databases. So this paper proposes system that will convert English statement given by user to all possible intermediate queries so that user can select appropriate intermediate query and then system will generate SQL query from intermediate one. Finally system will fire SQL query on database and gives output to user. When an interpretation error occurs, users often get stuck and cannot recover due to a lack of guidance from the system. To solve this problem, we present a natural language query processing framework.

Keywords: NLP, SQL, Morphological, Lexical, Syntactic, Semantic.