Abstract: An innovative product with societal acceptance is the one that aids the comfort, convenience and efficiency in everyday life. Purchasing and shopping at big malls is becoming daily activity in metro cities. We can see big rush at these malls on holidays and weekends. At billing counter the cashier prepare the bill using bar code reader which is very time consuming process and results in long queue at billing counter. In this paper, we discuss a product “SMART TROLLEY IN MEGA MALL” being developed to assist a person in everyday shopping in terms of reduced time spent while purchasing. The main objective of proposed system is to provide a technology oriented, low-cost, easily scalable, and rugged system for assisting shopping in person. In modern era, for automation of mall we are developing a microcontroller based TROLLEY which is totally automatic. When the customer want to purchase an items then customer has to hold the QR code side of the product wrapper in front of QR code scanner. Then corresponding data regarding product will be displayed on display. By using this trolley, customer can buy large number of product in very less time with less effort. At the billing counter, computer can be easily interfaced for verification and bill print out.

Keywords: Trolley, Purchasing, Billing, Microcontroller, QR code Scanner