Abstract: Recently, Educational Data Mining has become an emerging research field used to extract knowledge and discover patterns from E-Learning systems. This work is a survey of the specific application of data mining in learning management systems and a case study with university database.E-learning systems is an information superhighway where large scale communication network is provided with variety of interactive services are provided as text- database, e-mail, audio, video etc. Cyberspace is the indefinite areafamously known as Internet. Cyber security is the frame of protocols framed in one place for safeguarding this cyberspace.This paper explains how data mining tasks like clustering can be applied to the data taken from an e-learning system and also deals with E-threats and E-risks associated with it.This paper will also focus upon ubiquity of internal cyber-attack as well as lack of proper IT policies and procedures in e-Learning systems. The performance of students on online course in digital electronics is taken for the analysis and results are achieved with WEKA tool.

Keywords: EDM, Classification, Clustering, WEKA, E- Threats and E-Risk.