Abstract: Milk contains all types of macro and micro nutrients. The common adulterants found in milk are urea; starch/blotting paper, glucose/sugar, caustic soda, ammonia refined vegetable oil (cheap cooking oil), white paint and common detergent or shampoo. These not only reduce the nutritious value of the milk but also such milk pose risk to health. Concentrations of mixing other components (Milk blend) detection system is use to detect the blend added in the milk such as urea or sugar. It is having content such as glucose & PH in the milk sample. Also the sodium chloride is detected. All parameters are monitored and it will be display in the percentage form. The advantage of this system is that the all parameters are detected by the sensors, so there is no requirement of any chemical reaction.

Keywords: Urea, Sugar, Sodium Chloride, PH Parameter, Milk, pH Scale.