Abstract: IoT is Internet of Things in which all physical things are organized with each other. For the expansion of IoT the interface device is crucial which will have high capability to connect sensors. The network of sensor is used for IoT as wireless sensor network and to collect the data from remote areas ZigBee module is used. The data collected through ZigBee is sent for further processing to another ZigBee at central data acquisition point. Here data is coming from different ZigBee, so to process it for further transferring through HTTP high speed controller is required. Initially single core controller was used, which have limited data rate. Now to boost data rate Zybo development board is used, which has dual core processor, so data can be acquired and processed in parallel. In addition to this programming is simpler and embedded Linux can be used as an operating system, which is free of licence.

Keywords: WSN, IoT, Embedded Linux, ZigBee, Zybo.