Abstract: A hybrid routing protocol named AOHR (AODV and OLSR hybrid routing) for wireless ad hoc networks is proposed in this paper. In AOHR, each node maintains topology information of a zone with radius not larger than a set value. By the proactive property of OLSR, when a node wants to communicate with another node within its zone, packets can be transmitted directly. Otherwise, a routing request procedure will be invoked by the reactive property of AODV. In addition, AOHR utilizes MPRs (multipoint relays) to reduce overheads of route requests. This paper also proposes dynamic zone radius maintenance for AOHR to dynamically adapt to various scenarios. Analysis and simulation results show that AOHR combines the characters of high data delivery fraction, low overheads, and short delay in AODV with the characters of optimized routing length in OLSR, which means that AOHR is immune from topological structures.

Keywords: Advanced Optimized Next Hop Routing (AOHR), Hybrid Routing Protocol, AODV, OLSR, MPRs.