Abstract: This paper propose system that gives out requirement based allocation of Hadoop as a service with infrastructure cloud environments. Hadoop is effective big data analysing and processing platform these days. But in instead of its promising nature, researchers or professional organizations are not technically sound or having capacity to implement and maintain a working Hadoop environment. Thatís, we are providing the secured Hadoop as a service. For cloud services to use computing services or analytics services by the cloud users is truly problematic. It's a big issue to complete userís needs. Hence. On-Demand Hadoop service through cloud infrastructure provides a way to handle big data on the go. Potentially strengthening in security problems and achieves equal Job scheduling and quick process of huge information in less quantity of time and resources by computing the scientific or any high performance computing jobs. Hadoop and Cloud taken the apps and software systems and also different databases to cloud data centres, wherever the handling of the sensitive data and processes is not safe. Its security loophole. Solution is given by processing and securing the information using ciphering deciphering and storing them into the cloud servers.

Keywords: Hadoop as a Service, Encryption/decryption algorithm, Storage utilization.