Abstract: In this paper ibeacon is used for notifying vehicle to the Smartphone or tablet devices and to find out current location of vehicle passed on the road and maintain the record in details of the vehicle for find the location and pointed the vehicle, so many applications and methods ibeacon is used such as patient monitoring and store navigation, disaster recovery the Ibeacon will be used in this paper, we propose monitoring the vehicle crossing on the road or passed on the road purpose ibeacon used to express more details about the vehicle passing on the road. Evidence of the vehicle obtainable to the authorized user who all using the application with authorization and permission it will be transmitting the information about the vehicle and transmitting in partial range ibeacon transmitting to the user can only access with the major and minor of the Ibeacon notification. Future where location evaluation is performed by calculating times and speed of the vehicle crossed on the road. Positioned of Bluetooth transmitters' signal levels at certain point data will be stored is known base stations. All that information will be used for store about vehicle information in the nearest base station. When it comes to using more evidence of Ibeacon further it broadcast the information with low frequency.

Keywords: I beacon, beacon tracking architecture, beacon notification.